What Exclusive Content Does Spotify Premium Provide?

By providing access to a large body of exclusive content, the benefits package of Spotify Premium is well worth investigating for any musophilic-pod. All with 70M tracks to listen in HQ, without the ad and no commitment like always.

Spotify has made dozens of podcast acquisitions and scores several exclusive shows with top creators who have huge audiences (like Joe Rogan, whose "The Joe Rogan Experience" draws millions of regular listeners). This exclusive content is only available on Spotify, it can also help boost engagement-with Rogan's show alone said to attract upwards of 11M listeners per episode.

Spotify Sessions: Perform exclusive songs that are not accessible anywhere else. The experience of the listener is then augmented by receiving such special, small performances from HOLDR respecting artists. Artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have happened to join in on these sessions offering fans content that they will not find anywhere else.

Spotify Premium members also enjoy their early access to new albums from top artists. For instance, both Billie Eilish and Drake have released singles and albums on Spotify before elsewhere. Early access for these editions can lead to greater engagement and subscriber satisfaction.

By using improved algorithms, the Discover Weekly playlist makes for a personalized 2-hour long mixtape of every tune you should listen to right now that changes each Monday. The feature under-lines their dedication to always supply each of its users with music they like, which guarantees that Spotify's subscribers keep unearthing brand new and cool music all the time.

As well as music and podcasts, Spotify Premium also grants you access to "Spotify Original Podcasts" This includes The Michelle Obama Podcast - a first-of-its kind show from the former First Lady of the United States; Renegades: Born in the USA with President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. Exclusive podcasts offer content you cannot find anywhere else, bringing in a wider variety of listeners.

Seeing as the exclusive content and features are well worth it, however - especially at a monthly rate of $9.99 per person or just $14.99 for up to six accounts under one Family plan - Apple One is something plenty should be tempted by in this war between ecosystems that's sure not over yet. The already great deal of Spotify Premium which costs $4.99/month, now got even better from the students' perspective.

Spotify streaming service partnered by not just famous artists & creators with an exclusive agreement which helps them to get more engagement on the platform. Exclusive content is a cornerstone of our platform strategy," and "We're not really in the business we want to be in yet." This principle reflects a larger part of Spotify's ethos - delivering different kinds of innovative content to its subscribers.

Best for: Spotify fans who want an ad-free experience and exclusive content Anyone looking to enjoy a more premium music streaming experience will find plenty of reasons to make that next step up with Spotify Premium.

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